Our flagship product, the ProSAM Solution Suite, is the premier financial aid solution tailored specifically for post-secondary educational institutions across the United States. Trusted by some of the most esteemed educational institutions in North America, ProSAM stands as the cornerstone of efficient and effective financial aid management.

For over two decades, ProSAM has been at the forefront of revolutionizing financial aid administration, processing over sixty billion dollars in state and federal financial aid with precision and reliability. Our robust and highly customizable platform is built upon a foundation of rule-based systems, ensuring institutions can tailor their financial aid processes to meet the unique needs of their students and administrative workflows.

One of the hallmarks of ProSAM is its intuitive user interface, designed to empower both students and administrators with ease of navigation and clarity of information. With a commitment to accessibility, our platform leverages flexible and secure cloud server technology, providing institutions with the peace of mind that comes with state-of-the-art data protection.

ProSAM isn’t just a standalone solution; it’s an integrated ecosystem that seamlessly connects with institutional student information systems and other enterprise applications. This seamless integration streamlines data flow and eliminates redundant processes, empowering institutions to focus more on supporting their students and less on administrative overhead.

At Sigma, we understand the importance of balancing speed and accuracy in financial aid processing. That’s why our platform offers an unparalleled combination of immediate online processing for individual cases and robust volume processing capabilities for larger-scale operations. Whether it’s processing individual applications or managing large-scale disbursements, ProSAM delivers unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Join the ranks of leading educational institutions who trust ProSAM to streamline their financial aid operations and empower their students to achieve their academic goals. Discover the difference ProSAM can make for your institution today.

ProSAM Feature List

Enhance your institution’s efficiency and security with ProSAM’s customizable features powered by the ProSAM Workbench and ProSAM Locksmith. Tailor ProSAM to your exact needs through user-defined configuration tables, establishing processing options and enforcing core business rules seamlessly. From aid application to disbursement, every major financial aid process can be fine-tuned to accommodate differences in correspondence, budgets, packaging philosophies, and disbursement schedules.

With ProSAM Workbench and Locksmith, users enjoy the same intuitive graphical interface as ProSAM, ensuring ease of use throughout customization. Additionally, administrators can assign different security configurations to different user groups, restricting access to appropriate content. ProSAM also supports integration with enterprise single sign-on frameworks, MS Active Directory, and LDAP for simplified administration, providing both customization and security without compromise.

ProSAM provides versatile user interfaces tailored to meet the diverse needs of different user categories, ensuring a seamless experience for every role within your institution. With configurable options, entire modules can be selectively hidden to accommodate varying levels of responsibility. ProSAM offers granular control over viewing, updating, and deleting content, down to the individual field level, enabling precise management of user permissions.

Users across campus departments can be allocated restricted access levels, ranging from viewing-only to full content control, with specific limitations on funds and student categories. Modules such as the “Help Desk” feature present aggregated and consolidated content, facilitating efficient support roles. Additionally, specialized modules like the Award Posting module empower less experienced users to perform award packaging tasks while enforcing intelligent and dynamic restrictions. ProSAM extends its user-centric approach to non-financial aid power-users, offering tailored access to their students and department-specific awards, ensuring efficient and secure operation across all user levels.

ProSAM boasts built-in support for major data exchange formats essential for seamless operation within the financial aid landscape. From ISIR and Electronic Corrections to COD Common Record and Reports, as well as NSLDS Inform/Monitor/Alert layouts, ProSAM ensures compatibility with federal servicers’ requirements. What sets ProSAM apart is its support for CSS Profile, expanding its versatility to accommodate diverse financial aid processes. Additionally, Sigma offers optional state grant modules, providing comprehensive support for various state grant processing layouts. Through collaborative partnerships with clients, ProSAM has developed fully automated and industry-leading functionality tailored to meet the unique needs of individual state grant programs, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and compliance.

ProSAM excels in ease of augmentation and integration, seamlessly adapting to an institution’s chosen student system. Sigma offers support for both high-volume and real-time integration, leveraging a variety of adaptable technologies compatible with numerous student and student accounts receivable systems. Should additional institution-specific functionality be required, ProSAM provides multiple avenues for customization while upholding core business rules. This includes institution-specific code maintained by Sigma, as well as ancillary processes developed by the institution itself. Moreover, ProSAM’s Workbench empowers users with an intuitive graphical interface tool to apply the institution’s unique business rules directly to the ProSAM product, ensuring seamless alignment with institutional objectives and workflows.

Experience enhanced efficiency and flexibility with ProSAM’s term-based academics feature, a departure from traditional annual processing methods. Through the innovative Applicant Summary module and associated features, ProSAM empowers institutions to budget, package, and disburse aid with precision on a term-by-term basis. Unlike many other systems, ProSAM automates typically manual steps, streamlining operations and reducing administrative burden.

Benefit from automated processes that associate the correct family contribution to each term, dynamically build student budgets and award packages based on term-specific data, and automatically adjust packages as needed to reflect changes in factors affecting students’ unmet need and enrollment. ProSAM’s term-based academics feature offers unparalleled efficiency and adaptability, ensuring institutions can effectively meet the evolving needs of their students while optimizing financial aid allocation.

Unlock unparalleled flexibility and efficiency with ProSAM’s term-based packaging feature, designed to meet the dynamic needs of today’s educational landscape. By embracing term-based packaging and re-packaging capabilities, institutions gain the agility to craft packaging philosophies that adapt seamlessly to changing student circumstances. Whether responding to fluctuations in enrollment levels, class standings, SAI changes, or updates to loan history data, ProSAM’s automated packaging process ensures accurate and compliant student aid packages without the need for manual intervention.

Experience peace of mind knowing that critical factors influencing aid packages are handled automatically and appropriately on a term-by-term basis. ProSAM empowers institutions to communicate precise aid packages, maintain regulatory compliance, and align with institutional packaging methodology objectives effortlessly. With ProSAM, strategic allocation of scarce aid during initial packaging is preserved during re-packaging, safeguarding against over-awarding while ensuring optimal leveraging outcomes. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to streamlined packaging processes with ProSAM’s term-based packaging feature.

Empower your institution with ProSAM’s Multi-Source Need Analysis module, a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating and managing student information from various sources. Beyond FAFSA data captured through ISIR files, this module effortlessly tracks data from diverse channels such as the CSS Profile service, international student applications, and custom returning student applications. With the ability to visualize data side-by-side and facilitate seamless transfer between sources, ProSAM becomes an indispensable tool for institutions managing multiple streams of student data.

Maintain clarity and accuracy by tracking different calculations, enabling schools to award aid to students based on federal, state, and institutional contribution amounts with confidence. ProSAM’s Multi-Source Need Analysis module streamlines data management processes, ensuring institutions can efficiently navigate the complexities of student financial aid across diverse sources while optimizing aid allocation strategies.

Streamline documentation and enhance transparency in student aid processing with ProSAM’s Memoranda module. This feature empowers users to effortlessly record notes detailing steps taken to process a student’s aid application, whether it’s documenting professional judgment or verification actions. With customizable rules, programs can also input notes about actions taken for the student, ensuring comprehensive documentation of aid-related interactions.

Entries can be tailored for specific processing years or remain non-year specific, providing continuity throughout the student’s academic journey. Additionally, certain standard Sigma applications, such as packaging, offer optional memo storage capabilities, including snapshots of processing results for easy historical reference. ProSAM’s Memoranda module fosters efficient record-keeping and facilitates informed decision-making, empowering institutions to maintain thorough documentation and streamline aid processing workflows effectively.

Elevate your institution’s customer service experience with ProSAM’s individualized focus, catering to both large-scale student interactions and personalized one-on-one engagements with financial aid professionals. ProSAM’s intuitive navigation facilitates seamless transitions from student to student or function to function, empowering advisers to efficiently utilize summary screens or delve into detailed data as needed. From generating student budgets to crafting award packages and correspondence, ProSAM enables real-time actions that align with institutional philosophies and regulatory compliance standards.

Harness the power of XML to generate complex letters adorned with the school’s logo or authentic signatures, enhancing professionalism and brand identity. Furthermore, ProSAM offers the flexibility to send letters to students via email or text, reducing the costs associated with traditional mass mailings while ensuring timely communication. With ProSAM’s individualized customer service focus, institutions can deliver personalized support that enhances the student experience and promotes financial aid accessibility and transparency.

Maximize efficiency and accuracy in data management with ProSAM’s Integration Services module, facilitating seamless near-real-time loading of student data from compatible student information systems into the ProSAM platform through XML-based document exchange. Sigma provides a user-friendly XML schema that can be easily mapped to the data available in any student information system, ensuring smooth integration without complexity. Upon data transfer to ProSAM, rigorous schema validation is conducted, followed by instant storage and configurable translation processes to apply the data to appropriate records within the system.

Experience unparalleled flexibility as received data automatically triggers customizable events, such as re-budgeting and re-packaging, within ProSAM, optimizing aid processing workflows. Supported data types encompass a wide range of student information, including demographic details, academic progress, enrollment status, and more. Additionally, Sigma offers support for real-time posting of authorized disbursements into student accounting systems that support XML-based data exchange, further streamlining financial operations.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in award packaging with ProSAM’s advanced packaging engine, setting a new standard for complex awarding concepts in financial aid systems. ProSAM’s automated packaging seamlessly handles term, annual, and aggregate limits, remaining fund balances, and point-in-time-based selections of projected and/or actual enrollments for each term. With user-definable award precedence logic and built-in federal (and state) regulations, ProSAM ensures compliance while automating awarding processes.

Benefit from fully automated repackaging triggered by various events, effortlessly resolving over-awards and eligibility differences resulting from enrollment fluctuations or changes in student need. Highlights include support for BBAY Federal Loan awarding, complex funds management with simulation capability, and full transfer monitor handling for Pell, Perkins, and Federal Loan awards. ProSAM also offers automatic management of Pell and Federal Loan aggregates, user-defined award eligibility rules, and support for Institutional Methodologies and Gift Aid Policies. With features like projected term enrollment ability and full Return to Title IV funds support, ProSAM empowers institutions to streamline awarding processes while maintaining compliance and accuracy.

Streamline the verification process with ProSAM’s dynamic online processing, ensuring accurate reconciliation of reported ISIR data with received documents such as tax forms and worksheets. ProSAM tracks verification progress seamlessly, preparing the data for automated correction file creation and direct submission to the federal processing center. Moreover, ProSAM computes estimated Student Aid Indexes (SAIs) dynamically, adhering to federal specifications outlined by the Department of Education. This capability enables institutions to generate estimated financial award packages prior to official SAI receipt, facilitating early aid planning for students. With a dedicated module for automating Federal verification compliance, Sigma seamlessly integrates verification analysis results into core needs analysis data, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout the verification process.

Ensure transparency and accountability in data management with ProSAM’s robust auditing of modifications feature. Whether changes occur through online interactions or volume processes, ProSAM meticulously tracks and records modifications, providing managers with comprehensive before-and-after snapshots of all data elements within the system. With an intuitive online view of audited elements, managers gain easy access to detailed change logs, which can be filtered to pinpoint specific values or events. ProSAM’s auditing capability empowers institutions to maintain data integrity, facilitating thorough oversight and enabling swift identification of any discrepancies or unauthorized modifications.

Unlock streamlined state grant processing with ProSAM’s comprehensive state grant processing module. While fully automated support is presently available for select states, Sigma offers the flexibility to propose the development of a tailored state grant processing module for any state not currently supported. Sigma’s expertise extends to automating all aspects of state grant processing, including eligibility checking, awarding, electronic data exchange, disbursement, and reconciliation processes. By leveraging ProSAM’s state grant processing module, institutions can save significant person-hours of manual work and avoid the burden of developing and maintaining these processes individually. Contact us to explore how ProSAM can meet your specific state grant processing needs, and streamline operations for your institution.

Enhance communication and streamline financial aid processes with ProSAM’s Diagnostics and Alerts module. This feature empowers institutions to effectively communicate necessary actions to students or financial aid staff before proceeding with specific financial aid processes. ProSAM’s strategic applications automatically store processing exceptions as diagnostic records, providing institutions with granular control over diagnostic message content. User-defined business rules can be leveraged to assign these messages, ensuring tailored communication to both students and staff.

Through web-based student self-service functionality, Diagnostics messages enable students to identify and address processing issues seamlessly, allowing automated financial aid processes to continue uninterrupted. Additionally, Diagnostics messages offer clear instructions to financial aid staff on resolving student issues efficiently. Institutions can further enhance communication by linking diagnostic messages to specific web pages, providing detailed instructions to both students and staff. Critical alerts can also be flagged, offering a prominent visual reminder to staff to address important messages promptly, ensuring timely resolution of student concerns and efficient financial aid management.

Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability in aid processing with ProSAM’s powerful volume processing capabilities. Trusted by some of the largest and most esteemed higher education institutions in the United States, ProSAM automates a wide array of volume processes, ensuring seamless handling of aid for many thousands of students. From electronic exchange of ISIR data and corrections to student aid eligibility calculations, Federal Loan origination and disbursement, ProSAM streamlines critical processes without reliance on the Department of Education’s EDExpress product.

ProSAM’s flexibility extends to assigning student budgets and packaging awards based on institutional philosophy while maintaining full compliance with current federal regulations. Additionally, ProSAM effortlessly generates correspondence, whether electronic or hardcopy, manages funds, and fulfills reporting requirements, including FISAP, ensuring institutions can meet their obligations efficiently and effectively. With ProSAM’s powerful volume processing, institutions can streamline aid processing workflows, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Maximize efficiency and accuracy in aid processing with ProSAM’s ISIR Management module, empowering institutions to streamline pre-processing and analysis of ISIRs before integration into the system. This module offers comprehensive features, including storing and retrieving all received ISIRs, matching ISIRs against known students/prospects, and comparing incoming ISIR data with existing records. ProSAM enables institutions to leverage selected ISIR data as a recruitment lead for various areas of the institution, enhancing outreach efforts.

Basic match logic is supported with minimal user configuration, while advanced match logic capabilities can be customized by Sigma to accommodate specific institutional needs. For instance, ProSAM facilitates automated review of ISIRs with close matches to existing student data, suspending records that do not perfectly match for subsequent manual review. User-defined business rules further enhance evaluation processes, triggering special actions based on incoming ISIR data. ProSAM’s on-demand side-by-side comparison of ISIR transactions and flexibility to load different ISIRs ensure institutions can adapt swiftly to evolving student data requirements. Whether performing verification after disbursements or managing ongoing adjustments, ProSAM’s ISIR Management module provides essential tools for efficient aid administration.

Efficiently manage tasks and track manual work processes with ProSAM’s Worklist Workflow module. Designed to streamline workflow management, this module offers users and management a centralized platform to track lists of items or issues requiring manual attention. Whether it’s verifying student information, resolving discrepancies, or addressing specific issues, the Worklist module provides a systematic approach to prioritize and manage tasks effectively. With ProSAM’s Worklist Workflow module, institutions can enhance productivity, ensure accountability, and streamline manual work processes seamlessly.

Unlock unparalleled flexibility and adaptability with ProSAM’s platform-independent design, which ensures seamless compatibility across various hosting environments, operating systems, and database management software. ProSAM’s application server is meticulously engineered to integrate seamlessly with a wide spectrum of popular databases, offering institutions the freedom to select the platform that aligns best with their unique requirements. This inherent flexibility not only caters to current computing options but also facilitates effortless transitions to alternative platforms as institutional preferences evolve over time. With ProSAM, institutions can future-proof their operations, confidently navigating changes in computing environments while upholding optimal performance and functionality standards.