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Since 1965 the employees of Sigma Systems, Inc. have been producing the most comprehensive and scalable student financial applications in Higher Education.


Sigma’s commitment to higher education takes many forms. We provide clients with leading edge, best-of-breed, financial aid software. We pledge to make sure each client receives the personalized attention necessary to make their implementation and operation a success. We listen to users’ problems and respond with timely solutions. We monitor changes in federal regulations and modify our software to accommodate them. We maintain an ongoing dialog with the Sigma Users Group, the Department of Education, and other national organizations. We utilize the feedback we receive. We offer comprehensive training, documentation, support, and even extended maintenance arrangements in order to make every implementation successful. From the moment you become a Sigma Systems customer, we accept and welcome the responsibility for your complete satisfaction.

Over 75% of our current employees worked in a financial aid office prior to joining Sigma Systems.   So when a new regulation comes out, our staff is fully equipped to decipher it and determine its impact on the entire financial aid process.

Sigma’s customers are some of the most esteemed educational institutions of North America. They include major research universities, prestigious public and private universities, institutions with special purpose such as health sciences centers and large and small community colleges. The typical student head count ranges from around 1,000 to over 55,000. These points affirm the comprehensive and scalable nature of our products.