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Professional Services

Introduction and List of Professional Services

Sigma is devoted to effective support of our customers. Following are abstracts of the professional services offered by Sigma.

people_icon_burgredFor new customers, the first order of business is to provide implementation services to help the customer achieve productive use of the software on a timely basis.  Our implementation style and methodology allows us to keep implementation costs reasonable by performing over 60% (typically) of our services remotely, and making our on-campus time highly focused, productive, and sensitive to the operational challenges of financial aid offices.

Separately, or as a part of a new implementation, we have very talented staff with many years of experience in our industry’s best practices.  They have an insightful way of translating institutional needs into automated, effective, and efficient processes.  This is a great way to energize staff and provide a new look at dated policies and procedures.

people_icon_greenThe Education Services team performs training services to help new customers in their implementation effort. Experienced customers also take advantage of the training services to refresh their view of the software, gain added insight into new features and bring new employees up to speed.

people_icon_yellowOnce the software has been implemented at a customer site, the Client and Product Services (CPS) team provides several modes of ongoing support services. Their focus is on open communication about how best to use the software and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

people_icon_purpleSigma management and staff have worked at colleges and universities and are involved in industry work groups defining standards and specifications for new protocols. This experience combined with awareness of some of the best practices employed in student financial service business processes enables us to assist our customers and prospects with consulting services that address a specific request or concern of the client.

people_icon_orangeOften, and when requested, Sigma will undertake custom programming services to address a specific functionality desired by a customer.